Trust Grade vs. Risk Score

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When evaluating vendors and partnerships, understanding the difference between the two key metrics – Trust Grade and Risk Score – is crucial. While both metrics serve the purpose of assessing the trustworthiness of a vendor, they differ in terms of their methodologies and impacts on decision-making.

Trust Grade:

A Trust Grade is assigned to a vendor based on their public policies and customer input. This score is primarily based on facts and trust-building elements. Unlike a Risk Score, which varies based on specific circumstances, a Trust Grade remains constant unless a company changes their policies or becomes more or less transparent about their activities.

The Trust Grade aims to provide a comprehensive assessment of the vendor’s commitment to ethical practices, privacy regulations, and customer data protection. It takes into account factors such as the company’s commitment to transparency, compliance with industry standards, and other trust building elements.

It serves as a valuable reference point for decision-makers, allowing them to make informed decisions based on objective criteria.

Risk Score:

Unlike a Trust Grade, a Risk Score varies and is dependent on how a company engages with a particular vendor, what data is being shared, for what purposes, the location of processing, and more. The risk associated with a specific usage can change from one situation to another, while a Trust Grade remains constant.

The Risk Score reflects the inherent risks associated with a specific vendor or partnership. The score helps organizations assess the potential impact and risks associated with a particular vendor.

While a Trust Grade provides a general overview of the vendor’s trustworthiness, a Risk Score helps organizations understand the likelihood of specific risks occurring. It allows for a more detailed assessment of the vendor’s security posture and potential risks to the organization.

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Trust Grade vs. Risk Score

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