How to edit a Risk Score?

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This document provides a step-by-step guide on how to edit a Risk Score. Before you begin, please ensure that you have generated a Risk Score using our guide on how to generate a risk score.

Updating Vendor Details

Editing the Risk Score requires updating the Vendor Details within your “My Vendors” section. This section includes key information about the relationship between your company and the vendor, the purposes for which the vendor is engaged, the data types shared, and the processing locations involved.

To update the Vendor Details:

1. Navigate to the “My Vendors” section in the navigation menu.

3. Locate the relevant vendor.

4. Click on the “Edit Details” button.

5. Modify the fields as necessary.

6. Save the changes.

By updating the Vendor Details, you are ensuring that your company’s data governance practices are up to date and accurately reflect any changes in your vendor relationship.

Understanding the Impact on Risk Score

Once you have updated the Vendor Details, the Risk Score will be adjusted accordingly. The Risk Score is a unique score tailored specifically to your company that takes into account various factors related to the vendor relationship. It serves as a measure of risk exposure and helps guide your decision-making process.

The adjustments to the Risk Score are driven by the changes made in the Vendor Details. These changes may include changes to the vendor’s purpose, data type shared with the vendor, processing locations, or any other relevant factors. By updating the Vendor Details, you are ensuring the accuracy and relevance of the Risk Score.

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How to edit a Risk Score?

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