How to monitor a vendor?

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In order to stay informed about significant changes to your vendors’ policies, data breaches, or other important information, it is essential to have an active paid subscription. However, it is important to note that these changes will also be reflected in the vendor’s Privacy Passport, but you will not receive a notification unless you have an active subscription.

To monitor your vendors effectively, you will need to add them to your “My Vendors” list. This guide will outline the process for adding vendors to this list.

Adding a Vendor to Your “My Vendors” List

  1. Add your vendors to your “My Vendors” list
  2. Once you have added a vendor to your “My Vendors” list, we will notify you by email about any change to their policies, data breach or Privacy Passport. These notifications will provide you with timely information about any changes that may impact your business relationship or compliance with data protection regulations.

It is important to regularly check your emails to ensure that you receive the latest notifications. By staying informed about your vendors’ policies, you can make informed decisions and take the appropriate actions to protect your data and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

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How to monitor a vendor?

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