What is a Premium Privacy Passport?

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A Premium Privacy Passport is a specialized service that allows users to expedite the process of obtaining a vendor’s Privacy Passport.

How Does it Work?

Premium Privacy Passports are currently being reviews by the team. Once the team completes the review process, they will send a notification to the user via email notification. This expedites the process, as regular Passports typically require a longer waiting time.

Benefits for Paid Users

Paid users enjoy several advantages when requesting a Premium Privacy Passport. These include:

1. Faster Processing Time: Paid users are able to request their Premium Privacy Passport directly from the team, rather than having to wait for the general public. This saves valuable time and ensures that the Passport is ready for use as soon as possible.

2. Priority Attention: Paid users are given priority attention when requesting their Premium Privacy Passport. The team will prioritize their request, ensuring that it is processed promptly and efficiently.

3. Email Notifications: Paid users are informed via email when their Premium Privacy Passport is ready for download. This eliminates the need to constantly check the Trust Hub directory for updates, ensuring that the user is notified promptly.

Access for Non-Paid Users

While the Premium Privacy Passports service is available only to paid users, non-paid users will still be able to view the Privacy Passport once it is made public on the Trust Hub directory. Regular Passports will be available to the general public and do not require any payment.

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What is a Premium Privacy Passport?

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