How to spot Data Brokers?

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Trust Hub, uses the California Data Brokers Registry to identify data brokers.

Here’s how you can spot a data broker using Trust hub:

1. Open a vendor’s Privacy Passport

The Privacy Passport provides a comprehensive overview of the vendor’s privacy policies and practices. If a vendor operates as a data broker, a red tag will be present under the “Basic information” section. This tag serves as a visual cue to alert users that the vendor may be a data broker.

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2. Look for the Red Tag

When you access the Privacy Passport, check the section labeled “Basic information.” If a red tag is present, it’s an indication that the vendor may be operating as a data broker. The red tag serves as a visual indicator to flag any potential privacy concerns associated with the vendor.

3. Learn More about Data Brokers

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the data broker identification process or would like to learn more about data brokers, please refer to our detailed article.

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How to spot Data Brokers?

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